1345 Davenport Road
Kitchen Suite
Toronto  M6H 2H5
647 853-5375

We do small batch co-packing. Food retailers manage their staffing costs by having us make their recipes. "We need another 20 liters of soup!" It doesn't get any easier for a busy retailer. Your average industrial co-packer requires a minimum of 1,000 liters per batch!

Welcome to our snazzy bright new kitchen space! Rental includes one workstation, all kitchen equipment, and tables and bussing carts as needed. We at Farmer's Pantry Kitchen are here to make your professional cooking time enjoyable and profitable. Let us know what you need and we will let you know how we can help. Scheduling is very flexible, and we don't over book. We are eager to have you here in the most economical commercial kitchen space in downtown Toronto.

Email Fleetwood at farmerspantryfoods@gmail.com to book time.
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"We really appreciate your flexibility and your enthusiasm."

"The space is bright, clean, and really great."

"You could charge a lot more for this."

Farmer's Pantry Kitchen Rates
Hourly   $19 per hour
With deposit of 18 hours
Block of 75 hours   $16 per hour...

Book early,
Only 2 work stations available
for rental.

All hours are day and night
time, 7 days a week, with
access to the whole kitchen.
           Farmer's Pantry Kitchen Equipment
water sediment/carbon filtered
reverse osmosis pure water
2 ranges/2 ovens
20 quart mobile stand mixer
baker's sheet pans
fridge space
freezer space available
large pots (25, 40, 52 L)
large pans
large sauteuses
immersion blender
Matfer chocolate dipping pot
cheese wire
   sous vide
food processors
metal spoons/wooden spoons
mixing bowls
knives/cutting boards/towels
digital scales
vacuum sealer & bags
toaster oven

shipping door access
security cameras
free parking
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our latest
Toronto Public Health
inspection report.