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Kitchen Suite
Toronto  M6H 2H5
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Farmer's Pantry is a local Toronto kitchen that creates a variety of unique soups, dips, pates, salamis, cheesecakes, and hot dips. They are packaged for retail sale and also portioned for foodservice at restaurants and bars. 

We do small batch co-packing. Food retailers manage their staffing costs by having us make their recipes. "We need another 20 liters of soup!" It doesn't get any easier for a busy retailer. Your average industrial co-packer requires a minimum of 1,000 liters per batch!

Find out how we can cut your kitchen food waste and labour down to almost nothing by making your recipes for you. We currently Co-Pack for a number of businesses in Toronto.

Our fantastic and popular foods are sold exclusively in more than 16 shops around Toronto.

Email Fleetwood at farmerspantryfoods@gmail.com for a full list of products.

Inspected commercial community kitchen space is available for rent to chefs for
as low as $14 per hour during the day, with full kitchen access! 
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About Farmer's Pantry
Farmer's Pantry is a local Toronto kitchen that creates a variety of unique soups, dips, pates, cheesecakes, and flavoured cream cheeses. We wholesale our products to a variety of different places around the Toronto. We are a small kitchen that has been built from the ground up. We started out in 2006 in the back office of Leslieville Cheese Market, making dips and soups in an impossibly small space. We moved from there into our own space.

Affordable Community Kitchen Space
When the opportunity arose a few years ago, we moved again to a much larger space. With this new space we opened our doors and became a community kitchen for those seeking out affordable rental space. From experience, owner and founder Michael knows how difficult it can be trying to get a wholesaling or catering business off the ground. The most difficult factor in starting a small food business is finding commercial kitchen space. When the opportunity arose to rent a larger space, we were finally able to fulfill our goal of having community kitchen space at very low rates for new, up and coming, and entrepreneurial chefs who may not be able to keep up with the standard rates for kitchen space. Email us at farmerspantryfoods@gmail.com to book time at the snazzy new space! [ kitchen rental ]


"I purchased a jar of your roasted chestnut soup yesterday and that was dinner along with your beautiful pecan loaf, DELICIOUS!!!!"

"Looking forward to trying many more of your soups! (Leslieville buzzes about them!)"

"I've tried all of your dips at the Leslieville Cheese Market and I can't believe that my favourite one is one of the healthiest ones! White bean and roasted garlic."

"Please please please continue to make this soup in exactly the same manner; the smokey flavour was a huge added bonus to this very flavourful soup."

"When I approach the door of Roast Butcher Shop I get a little nervous, worrying that they might be sold out of your Asiago Crab Wasabi Dip."